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It has been our pleasure to serve the metropolitan community with the highest quality heating, HVAC, cooling and indoor air products and services for the past 30 years! 



Providing exceptional service to Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia for over 30 years. 
24 Hour Emergency Repair

From scheduled preventive maintenance and repairs to system replacement, retrofit, updates and optimization, we got you covered and will get you back online in the shortest amount of time.

Backflow Prevention, Hot water, Gas Heating, Emergency Leak Repairs, Toilet, Faucet; no plumbing service cannot be fixed or replaced.

Natural Gas or Propane Gas Emergency Standby Generators to provide secondary source of Electrical Supply to your home or business. Electrical service, repair, and installation with code compliance peace of mind.

Wood to Natural Gas or Propane Gas Fireplace conversions. Never jeopardize a potential fire with latent heat in fireplace ashes.

Smart thermostats and controls optimize energy conservation with HVAC, Security, Lighting, and Plumbing systems.

Oil to Gas Conversions, Modular HVAC systems, VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) updates to optimize comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, and Yearly Preventive Maintenance services keep your systems in cruise control for trouble-free service and operation.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), Water Solutions, and Internet Connect Technology allows control from PC, smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world.

2nd or 3rd Opinion and Overview. Visual aids and tutorials that help ensure you make the right decision

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INDOOR COMFORT CONTROL PRODUCTS, The focus at Reed Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for complete customer satisfaction on every job means we believe in offering products that we know will give our customers the performance and reliability we would require for our own homes. Check out the different air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products we carry.